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Here I will try and answer questions that I assume you may or may not have for me! See? I've already answered the burning question "what am I looking at right now?". Let's continue.

On the subject of contacting me:

"How do I contact you?"

I communicate through various means. First off, you can e-mail me through my website, or through the Off the Map website. Easy enough. You can also call Off the Map at (413) 527-6574 if you want to set up a consultation or an appointment.

"How quickly can I expect a response?"

I do try and answer all my e-mails within a week. But sometimes it does get a bit busy, and it can take a little longer. I promise I'm not ignoring you, it's just sometimes there's a lot going on and a lot of e-mails and there can be a delay. If you haven't heard from me, it doesn't hurt to resend the e-mail, or you could give me a call at Off the Map (413) 527-6574.

Contact Made! What now?

"What should I bring to a consultation?"

Whatever would help me to understand what you're looking for. Reference images are sometimes helpful. Remember when looking for images to just search for the subject, not tattoos of that subject. Everything I do is custom, so I'll be drawing specifically for YOU. So we can get better ideas by looking at photos of the subject rather than somebody else's representation of that image.

If you're looking to get something where a reference image isn't possible, that's fine too. We'll sit down during your consultation and discuss exactly what you have in mind. You might go so far to say we'll consult over it.

My friend/family member/boyfriend/third grade teacher/hamster did this drawing for me! Can you tattoo it on me?

While I can appreciate the sentiment behind a client wanting a friend's or family member's drawing tattooed on them, I will no longer be willing to accommodate that replication. If you have a drawing you'd like to bring in, I'll be more than happy to use it as inspiration, but I must insist on completely redrawing it and creating a different and original piece. It's nothing personal, but I have no interest in something like this happening again, so thems the rules.

...More to come...
(some FAQ is better than no FAQ)

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Tattooing full time at Off the Map Tattoo
Ink & Dagger Tattoo, 1036 west college ave
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